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Reducing deer-human conflict in Oak Bay

Latest News

At Oak Bay’s Committee of the Whole meeting on March 21, the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society expanded on its proposed five-point program for deer management in the municipality. Council rejected the science and logic of this plan.

The best-practices action plan was developed by experts. It is scientifically sound and fiscally responsible, and will help reduce human-deer conflict and provide a humane alternative to lethal culls.

The proposal included a values-based survey of the Oak Bay community, which the UWSS has for some time advocated the district undertake. It is important to note that this values-based survey has already been developed by independent experts in this field and would be administered and interpreted by independent experts.

Councillor Tara Ney moved that Council contribute $17,250 towards the values-based survey, public education, a population model and deer inventory for 2016.  Councillor Eric Zhelka supported the motion, but it was defeated 5-2.

Please see our presentation and proposed budget to Council here (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Spring is here which means fawns are just around the corner – we will once again be providing important public education on the do’s and don’ts of fawn season. Please watch for it!

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Update: As of March 24, 2016, we have raised over $20,000! Many thanks to our donors for your generous support.

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